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Raising Awareness to Help the Homeless

Raising Awareness to Help the Homeless

Today I'd like to share with you one of my firsts YouTube video, from 2014, that still inspires me every day!

I believe in doing good to others. I believe in good humans. I believe the more good you do for the world, the more joy the universe brings to you. My purpose in this lifetime is to do, not good, but great things for the world! For US, for YOU, for Me, for EVERYONE. For OUR FUTURE!

This YouTube video of mine is a must watch and I can assure you that it's an oldie but goodie! You'll get to experience an amazing day with not only myself, but with Enrique, my partner of 11 years and our not so little anymore cousin, Daniel! 

We hope that by watching this video we can inspire others to give a helping hand to those in need. We are all blessed in many different ways and with minimal effort everyone can help the less fortunate. Whether big or small, expensive new or recycled used, please take into consideration before discarding. The homeless in your community will appreciate your kind actions and make great use of your old belongings. It is not a matter of changing "one" life, it is all about making a difference. Together we can make this world a much better place to live in! 

Let's give back to the community, let's help the homeless, the hungry and the children in need. 

What can YOU do today to help the world we live in?

By Jenny Arzola

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